Cessation Product Reimbursement

As an employee of the BC Public Service, there are two steps that help give you access to the smoking cessation products you may need.


This is a program that is open to all British Columbians with a few stipulations that are outlined below. Eligible residents can be covered for one of the following two treatment options:

Option 1: Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Every calendar year, eligible B.C. residents can receive a up to 12 weeks  (continuous) coverage of the following Nicotine Replacement Therapies for free:

  • Nicorette® gum (2 mg, 4 mg)
  • Nicorette® lozenges (2 mg, 4 mg)
  • Nicoderm® patch (7 mg, 14 mg, 21 mg)
  • Nicorette® inhaler (10 mg)

How to get it:

You now can get free NRT just by visiting your local pharmacy. Both you and the pharmacist must sign a declaration form.  You do not need to be registered with Pharamacare and don’t need a prescription from your doctor.

Note: You may want to talk to your pharmacist or doctor to determine whether they are the best choice for you. This is especially important if you:

  • are pregnant
  • are breastfeeding
  • have any chronic medical conditions
  • were recently in the hospital
  • take any regular medications

Who is eligible?

Any British Columbian is eligible to receive free NRT as long as they satisfy both of the following requirements:

  1. They smoke or use another tobacco product
  2. They are currently enrolled with the Medical Services Plan of BC (BC MSP)

For more information:

Visit the provincial government’s BC Smoking Cessation website.


Option #2: Prescription Drugs

PharmaCare will cover one of two types of drugs:

  • Bupropion (brand name Zyban®)
  • Varenicline generics (also known as brand name Champix®)

You can get coverage for 12 weeks of either of these drugs but coverage is based on your income level and Pharmacare Plan.

People who are on Pharmacare Plan B, C, G, or W are totally covered for the full cost of the prescription. Those eligible for Fair Pharmacare may have to pay part or all of the cost. 

How to get it:

Take a prescription from your doctor to the pharmacy of your choice. You will be asked to sign a declaration form.

Who is eligible?

Prescription drug coverage is available to any BC resident who:

  • smokes or uses another tobacco product
  • is currently enrolled with MSP
  • is covered by an eligible PharmaCare plan

For more information:

For more information about your eligibility, call PharmaCare from Vancouver at 604-683-7151 and from the rest of BC, call toll-free at 1-800-663-7100.

Register for Fair PharmaCare either online or by phoning Health Insurance BC. Registration is free and there are no premiums to pay.


As an employee of the BC Public Service, if you feel that you require the aid of smoking cessation products in your quit process beyond the free 12-week supply available through the BC Smoking Cessation Program described in Step 1, you are eligible for coverage through the extended health plan.

How to get it:

In order to make yourself eligible for this extended health plan benefit coverage, you need to do one of the following:

Who is eligible?

Employees of the BC Public Service or another organization covered under the BC Public Service benefit plan. Family members and dependants are also eligible.

Reimbursement conditions:

  • You can be reimbursed up to a maximum of $300 per calendar year to a lifetime maximum of $1,000
  • Products eligible for reimbursement include buproprion (brand name Zyban®), varenicline generics or brand name Champix®, and the following nicotine-replacement products: gum, lozenge, patch, inhaler, and spray
  • Your products or prescriptions must be purchased within six months of registering
  • You need to register every six months if you plan to continue making product purchases. For example, if you register and purchase products in April and need more products in December, you must register again in December
  • Reimbursement is subject to the normal plan rules such as the annual deductible and applicable health benefit plan percentage limits
  • Products purchased are eligible for partial reimbursement – 80 percent

How to receive reimbursement:

Send the extended health benefit provider a copy of your registration confirmation form along with your receipts for the smoking cessation products. You must be eligible for benefits to receive reimbursement.

For more information:

Visit the Quittin’ Time page on My HR and scroll down to the “Products to Stop Smoking” section.