For My Family

Which Statements ring true?

  • I want to be a positive role model for my children.

    Kids learn so much from their parents, and many children see their parents as their primary role models. However, did you know that children of a parent or parents who smoke are as much as two times as likely to smoke themselves in their adolescence?

  • I don't want to expose my kids to secondhand smoke.

    For many years, secondhand smoke wasn't even considered by the public. Now we know just how much damage it can do to those around us, especially your kids. Secondhand smoke can cause health issues as vast as ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, and even Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in infants. In the long term it can also lead to things such as lung cancer and heart disease.

  • I'm worried smoking is interfering with my sex life.

    Smoking can cause significant issues with your sex life. As one doctor jokingly put it, "smoking can have the same effect on your sexual performance as having your mom walk in on you". That is, in men it can lead to erectile dysfunction. In women, smoking can affect your hormonal balance, your menstrual cycle, and your ability to get pregnant.

  • I want to get pregnant but I don't want to harm my baby.

    Did you know that smoking while carrying a baby can lead to an increased chance of miscarriage. Premature birth is also common for babies born of mothers who smoke. Even if your child does make it to term, the effects of prenatal tobacco exposure can be immense. Many studies point to a higher prevalence of learning problems in children exposed to tobacco in utero. Other problems such as respiratory issues and birth defects are also a risk.

  • I'm concerned I'll burden my children if I get sick.

    It's no secret that smoking puts you at risk of contracting a number of diseases, conditions, and otherwise that you may not have been exposed to. Cancer, heart attack, emphysema, stroke, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder are but a few of these. Did you also know that smoking on average reduces your life expectancy by 10 years?


Using your family for motivation can help you quit. Not only will you protect them from second-hand smoke, but by quitting you make it less likely other members of your family will end up as smokers.