There’s No Such Thing as Cutting Down

For many people cutting back might seem less scary than quitting altogether so it can be tempting to take this route instead of giving up smoking for good.

But the reality is that non-smokers never smoke cigarettes. Ever. And even if you only smoke occasionally, you’re still doing harm to your mind and body.


Do you find yourself saying these things?

  • "I only smoke on the weekends."

    Smoking is harmful to nearly every system in your entire body. From the first time you inhale a cigarette, swift changes are undergone within your body. For example, your metabolism immediately changes, your heart rate increases, and your risk of heart attack or stroke increase as well.

  • "I don't buy cigarettes, I only have one if my friends are smoking."

    Nearly every smoker starts smoking in this manner. Very few people just go out and buy a pack and start their addiction. Most are slowly taken under the spell of addiction by starting out smoking with friends or acquaintances.

  • "I'll go days/weeks/months without smoking."

    While smoking less is always a good thing, smoking is still a dangerous activity. With smoking being such an addictive habit, even 'social smokers' can end up in the throes of addiction after being confronted with a stressful period in their life. Don't take the risk.


The next time your friends go out for a cigarette, try excusing yourself and getting a glass of water. This will not only keep you hydrated if you're drinking, but cold water can also help cut the cravings.