What stands in your way?

Fear of missing out

Many people smoke or vape because it’s a big part of their social life. Trying to quit can feel like you’re missing out on time with friends, your partner or your colleagues.

Try these tips to stay on track:


Talk to your friends about why quitting is important to you

If your friends smoke and/or vape and you’re worried about missing time with them, talk to them in advance and plan social activities together that don’t involve smoking or vaping.


Change up how you take a break at work

You may rely on smoking and/or vaping to get a break from work. Try taking a walk outside instead to get some fresh air and change your routine.

There is no such thing as “just one”. Even one cigarette can throw you right back into smoking behaviours. Try taking some deep breaths, getting some exercise, or talking to a trusted friend when you feel the urge. 


Ask your partner for support

If your partner or spouse smokes and/or vapes, talk to them about how they can support your quit journey so you can spend time together doing other things.


Find your community

Join an online community or forum of people who have quit smoking. This can be a place to share stories of success, and find support during the hard times. Check out the QuitNow Community Forum on quitnow.ca.