What stands in your way?

Weight management

It’s true, you might gain a few pounds when you first quit smoking and/or vaping. But in the long run you’ll feel much better. Try to stay focused on quitting, and then manage any weight gain when you’re feeling strong.

Try these activities to help you stay on track during your quit journey:


Plan your meals ahead of time 

Planning out your weekly meals makes you more likely to stick to the healthy choices you prepared for, rather than grabbing something unhealthy in the moment. Add healthy snack options into your plans so you have lots of choices on hand. 


Move your body

Create a plan for regular exercise to help curb weight gain.


Drink (cold) water

Drinking cold water helps you feel more full and burns calories. It is also a great tool to get you through a craving. 


Develop an exercise plan

Make a plan and set some goals to introduce regular exercise into your weekly routine. Challenge yourself to try a new class or activity. First classes are often free! Find a local studio or community centre and give it a try.