I’m quitting for

My Health

One of the reasons people quit smoking or vaping is to improve their health. Maybe your doctor is encouraging you to quit, or you had a health scare. Reducing smoking or vaping can drastically improve your well-being. Find out more below.

Which statements ring true?


I feel tired a lot of the time

Cigarette smoking and vaping decreases the amount of oxygen that gets into your bloodstream, which is one of the major reasons why people who smoke and vape often feel much more tired than people who don’t. Quitting can help you gain back the energy to do more of the things you enjoy.


I have trouble breathing and it’s hard to catch my breath

When tar and toxins get stuck in your lungs, it inhibits your body’s ability to absorb oxygen which makes it hard to breathe and catch your breath. Soon after quitting, your lungs start to repair themselves, which often leads to easier breathing the longer you stay quit.

Your body starts to repair itself soon after you quit smoking, even if you’ve smoked for many years. It’s never too late to start.


I want to be more active

Smoking and vaping greatly affects your ability to lead an active lifestyle. Quitting is the first step to feeling better while playing with your children or grandchildren, cycling or just getting outside for a long walk.


I’m worried about having a serious illness

Smoking and vaping can increase your chances of  severe health issues, like lung disease or a heart attack. But you can change this. Your risk for serious smoking-related illness starts to decrease after your last cigarette and continues to improve the longer you have been smoke-free. After a year, your risk of smoking related heart attacks can drop as much as 50%.

Early research shows that vaping can cause chronic lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema. This risk is even higher for those who use both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes.


I think smoking makes me look and smell bad

Smoke clings to your clothes and stays in your lungs for hours after you’ve smoked. It can cause yellowing teeth and premature wrinkling. To avoid this, get started on your quit journey.

Helpful Hints

Daily inspiration reminder

If any of the statements above sound familiar, create a list of reasons why you want to quit and add them to it. Post your list where you can see it every day so you’re reminded why quitting is important to you. Take a look at your list when the going gets tough and use it to find your inspiration again.